Seminars, Workshops & keynotes

“I’m by far a stronger leader; I have a better understanding of how to use my influence in my organization more effectively, I’m a better strategist and much better at communicating my vision.”

Full day and multi-day seminars and keynotes (customizable, of course) that focus on building skills to Lead Yourself to Lead Others. These seminars and keynote speeches inspire individuals to cultivate their vision, develop an influential voice and build a community of peers, mentors and experts to help them lead with confidence.

BECOMING A “CREATING WE” LEADER – Maximize each individual’s strengths, define a shared vision
Session 1: Leading Yourself to Lead Others  |  Session 2: Developing a Leadership Profile

CONVERSATIONAL INTELLIGENCE – Build trust and extraordinary results through effective communication.
CULTIVATING AN INFLUENTIAL VOICE – Influencing across boundaries of power and position.

FINDING YOUR TRIBE – How to connect with like-minded people to reach your goals. 
GENDER INEQUITY: WHAT WE KNOW FOR SURE – Navigating expectations & realities of working together for men and women 

INFLUENCE FOR CHANGE – Managing across boundaries of position, power or influence 

Session 1: Peer relationships  | Session 2:  Managing subordinates  | Session 3: Managing superiors

LEADING YOURSELF TO LEAD OTHERS – How your behaviors are influenced by what drives you.
LEVERAGING THE ASK –Ask with conviction.
LEVERAGE YOUR COMMUNITY – Defining and utilizing your sphere of influence to flourish and thrive.
MAKE YOURSELF MEMORABLE – Establish trust by communicating competence and confidence to create new possibilities.
MOTIVATIONS AND ASPIRATIONS – Discover your driving motivation and WHY you do what you do to lead from your strengths and define where you want to go. Knowing what you want and why.
STRATEGIC THINKING AND VISIONING – Moving from tactical  execution to strategic & visionary communication.

TAKE YOUR SEAT AT THE TABLE AND USE IT – Developing leaders with a Vision, an influential Voice and a Community to get results.
THE MAGIC OF RAINMAKING – Cultivating productive relationships and business opportunities.
Session 1: Building and maintaining a network  |  Session 2: Building and maintaining client relationships
WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER  –  Sometimes you have to be tactical to be strategic.
YOUR CORE VALUE ASSESSMENT –  Explaining how to be effective with the results of the CVI assessment tool.