About Our Members

The Link For Women is a community that helps you flourish and reach your full potential by connecting with smart, respected experts and peers from all walks of life as reliable resources. Our events and seminars connect you with other accomplished women, providing knowledge to make informed decisions and inspiration to think beyond in a safe, relaxed environment.

WHY we exist: To give you the freedom to make choices so you can flourish and thrive.
HOW we operate: By Connecting and Mentoring through community.
WHAT we provide:

  • A network of smart, respected experts and peers in all areas of life as reliable resources.
  • Knowledge to make informed decisions.
  • Inspiration to think beyond.
  • A safe environment.


  • Founded in Portland, OR in March 2004
  • 200 paying members
  • 19 A Seat at the Table Board of Mentor
  • 70+ speakers
  • 4000+ attendees of multi-day programs and monthly events


  • 23 – 63+ yrs. of age
  • 21% are between the ages of 20-40; 58% are between the ages of 41-55
  • 73% are married
  • 74% earn at least $100,000; 29% earn over $200,000
  • 48% hold a master or doctorate degree or have completed other post graduate work
  • Our members belong to a wide variety of professional, cultural, and charitable organization and are entrepreneurs, CEOs, presidents, and senior executives as well as philanthropists, community leaders, and moms
  • They actively seek safe opportunities to connect with other smart women, to learn something new, and to be inspired!

The Link For Women succeeds because the community actively participates and contributes by attending events, suggesting new speakers and topics of interest as well as evaluating everything for quality. We have an active advisory board and are always looking for new members and volunteers.


Over time, we hope that The Link For Women will become a resource for information and a part of your life’s journey.


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“I have to admit, The Link For Women is more of a feeling or a state of being, rather than a list of practical items.”


“For me, The Link For Women is a comfortable room, bringing together interesting and extraordinary women who offer friendly conversation and genuine interest. I find them all so interesting, and the breadth of their experience stimulating. It seems that the women who are members aren’t power networking to get ahead, but are enjoying the company of like-minded women.”


“Besides that wonderful feeling of belonging, the companion piece is the level of content presented at an event. I feel it is important to have topics that stimulate our thoughts, provoke our beliefs, and challenge us to take action; Presenters who inspire us, who share their battles and victories, their insight and challenges to touch this wonderful group of women. I believe that this is a key offering of The Link.”


In the end, it all ties together. Content, presenter, members.